About Us


Greetings from a unique group of people – the retirees of the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). The Laboratory Retiree Group (LRG) is a non-profit corporation which seeks to maintain communications with and to serve the needs and interests of the many retirees from LANL. If you wish to join our organization an application is available on the Membership Page.

Our motto “Reaching Out From a Common Experience” has special significance. We have served the nation at many levels using the most advanced technologies on our planet; and we do it from an isolated community in the mountains of Northern New Mexico. As retirees, we have much to offer from a special perspective. Our members are active in all areas of human endeavor from the classical perception of retirement to advising the local communities, the nation, and the world on the implications of the use of technology. Many of our members are engaged in both academic research and in commercial research and development. We have established committees on Social Interaction, Computer Literacy, Technical Advancement, Health Issues, and Educational Outreach. If you have need of our expertise or would just like to communicate – please contact us.

LRG Bylaws