Action Required – Empyrean Website Transition

All Lab Retirees Must Create a New Account on Empyrean’s Website in August 2021

Empyrean, the benefits administrator for all Lab retirees, is changing their website and will not transfer existing account information to their new system. All retirees must create new accounts. Empyrean has sent two letters about this change, dated July 7, and July 21. This change is happening within a short time. Please keep these letters, so you will know how to set up your new account in August.

If you have not received these two letters, please contact Empyrean right away. Empyrean’s phone number is: 1-844-805-0002, and their hours are: Monday to Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Mountain Time.

In addition, Empyrean will soon send another letter that will describe how to set up a new auto-pay arrangement for benefits premiums. According to what we have learned, it is essential that all Lab retirees do this by September 1. Once again, this change is happening within a short time.

Whether we like this or not, we all will need to follow the procedures in the letters to assure that our benefits continue. The benefits involved include health, vision, dental, and legal plans.

Note that pension payments are NOT affected by the changes that Empyrean is now making.